Why is my Mac so slow and how to speed it up -

Why is my Mac so slow and how to speed it up

Have you been asking yourself why is my mac so slow these days? Do you feel you should rather get a new one and dump this one? Hold on, we’re here to help.

Mac slowdown is not a new sight. Like other computers and machinery, Macs, too, fall victim to aging. With piles of items stored on it over time, you can’t expect your MacBook to run like how it did when you first bought it.

Fret not! With these simple tricks and tweaks, you’ll be able to bring your Mac back to its lost glory. You can either perform these tweaks manually or save your precious time by taking the help of the best mac cleaner to tackle all performance-sapping issues like why is my mac so slow. Let’s get going!
Why is my mac so slow and how to fix it

Reason 1: Too many startup apps

One of the major reasons why you’re frequent query these days has been why is my mac so slow is because you’ve got too many startup apps on your Mac. Startup apps or login items are those programs that load simultaneously with your MacBook’s booting. Too many of them can affect your system’s launch and overall speed drastically.

Fix: Kill these login items

Do the following to boost your MacBook’s launch and its speed:

Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items tab
Sort the apps you don’t want immediately to load with your MacBook and click the button

In case, determining which app or service you should kill is difficult for you, use the best mac cleaner to handle this task for you so that no important item gets affected.

Reason 2: Your desktop is full of items

The files you keep on your desktop occupy your Mac’s memory. Hence, the more these items, the slower your MacBook gets. On the contrary, if you keep your desktop clean, it will save memory and resolve the why is my mac so slow issue.

Fix: Clear the desktop

Remove all the unnecessary files and apps from the desktop. If you want to keep any of them somewhere for future use, make folders and move these items to that folder.

Reason 3: You’re out of RAM

You might not realize but your MacBook has so many apps and processes running in the background. This takes a great deal of your RAM. Once, you run out of RAM, your system starts using its virtual memory which stores data on the hard drive and can be horribly slow. Google is filled with such queries asking why is my mac so slow even with huge RAM.

Fix: Clear the RAM

Head to Terminal: ~/Applications/Utilities.
Type Purge and press Enter
Wait while your Mac finishes the process

This process will improve your Mac performance a great deal. Using the best mac cleaner will do this task even faster and more efficiently.

Reason 4: Your Hard disk is filled to the brim

If you’re one of those who’ve got lots of heavy files viz. movies, videos, music tracks, games, etc. your Mac, no wonder why your hard disk has got full and you’re left asking why is my mac so slow. To check how much capacity you’ve got on your hard drive, open the. Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > the Storage tab.

Be mindful that if you’re thinking of adding an SSD, it wouldn’t do much good as Mac SSDs are less efficient than conventional hard drives. What to do, then?

Fix: Free up your hard drive

First of all, find the files that are taking up huge and unnecessary space on your hard drive. Once done, delete each of them. If you feel any of them can be useful to you in the future, move them to an external drive or the cloud. Besides this, empty your system trash along with iMovie, iPhoto, and Mail trash boxes.

Locating unused items and trash on your Mac can be a time-consuming task. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use the best mac cleaner to take charge and resolve all performance-sapping issues like why is my mac so slow.

Mac Optimizer Pro has been acclaimed as the best mac cleaner app of all time. It cleans and fine-tunes MacBooks, deletes junk and unused files, shreds data to prevent any recovery, fixes unresponsive windows and system hang, manages login items for an improved booting, and much more to unburden the users from any manual efforts for resolving speed-sapping issues. Download this best mac cleaner today and make your Mac recover its original speed.

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