How to Change Username on Mac?
How to Change Username on Mac?

How to Change Username on Mac?

On your Mac, there are places where your Name is placed. The name that appears is the one that you initially gave when you set up the administrator account. But there may be a time when you may want to change your username. The reasons for the change of the username may vary but you want to change it. What will you do at that point? Do you think that’s even possible? The answer is yes.

Fortunately, Mac OS X Leopard was launched in 2007. Changing the username is now hassle-free. This can be done from within the System Preferences. But before leopard was introduced, it was almost impossible to change the username.

However, there are a few limitations:

It is important that the short name and home folder name matches. So if you wanted to completely change the username that is not possible even today.

Although it is a less risky process it times it may result in complete data loss if you don’t follow the steps properly. So ensure you do it carefully and slowly.

The name can’t be changed while you are logged in to the account that you wish to change. It is important for you to log into another administrator account and for that it is a possibility that you have to create it first.

Follow these steps to create a new administrator account:

Tap on System Preferences> Users & Groups.

Next, tap on the lock icon and then enter your password.

Next, tap the “+” sign.

Switch the recently created account to the Administrator.

Give the account a new name and a password.

Now finally tap on “Create User

How to be the admin of the existing account.

Look for “Users & Groups ” in the preference panel.

Tap on the lock icon which is present in the lower left corner. This will help in the authentication.

Now select the account.

Finally, check the box which is against “Allow the user to administer this computer.”

Now let’s know how to change the Mac username.

How to Change Mac Username?

When you have set up the new administrator account, it will now become very easy for you to change your username.

Note: If you notice any kind of warning that says changing the username may result to data damage, don’t continue. So be very cautious.

Your initial step should be logout of your account and register in the newly created administrator account:

Then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Your first step should be to tap on the Apple logo. Then click on “Log out”.

Now enter the new admin account. Next, enter your password.

Finally, you are all set to change the username. Here are the steps you need to follow carefully to change the username.

  • Firstly, open the “System Preferences
  • Now tap on “Users & Groups”.
  • Unlock to enter your password (for your current admin account).
  • Now right-click the mouse button of the user that you wish to rename.
  • Next, select “Advanced Options”.
  • Change the name to the desired name.
  • Then restart your system so that the changes have an immediate effect.
  • When you follow the steps above one after the other, it will change the username from the Home directory.

Note: You might experience that the login process will take a little more time than usual. But that’s okay.

Steps to change Home folder name and Account name

Changing the home folder name is not that easy. It is a bit complicated.

The very step is to log out from the account making it simple for you to change it. If you are already in a separate admin account, then it’s fine.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the Home folder name and Account name:

  • Your initial step should be to go to the user’s folder present on the startup drive.
  • Tap on Go and then on Computer
  • The above step will open Macintosh HD (or the name of your system).
  • Once you open the Macintosh HD, you will find the “Users” folder. Click on “Users”.
  • Look for “Home Directory” in the Users folder. Note it down as you may be requiring this later on.
  • Tap on the folder and rename it. Note down both, the old name and the new name as you may need them later.
  • Finally, enter the admin account password whenever you are prompted to fill.

Next, run or boot mac in safe mode. This mode is the simplest version of the Mac without any transitions, themes, and visual effects. Restart the Mac in “Safe Mode” so that the unresponsiveness eradicates.

How to Change your Username?

When you are done changing the “Home folder”, now is the time for you to change the username. If that doesn’t happen, you may have to face issues because it is important that both of them have to be the same.

Another important step is to change the name in the field. Especially the one that shows the location of the “Home Directory”.

  • Open System Preferences > Users & Groups.
  • Now tap on unlock. Enter the admin password that you recently logged in.
  • A list of users will be visible. Right-click the user you wish to rename.
  • Tap on “Advanced Options”.

Rename the Account Name field to the new name. This name should be the same one that you gave to the Home folder.

Your next step should be to change the Home directory field. It is important that this should match the new name you gave the ‘Home folder’.

  1. Tap on “OK”.
  2. Close System Preferences.
  3. Turn off the Mac and then restart it.
  4. Log on to the renamed account

If you are still facing issues, then cross-check that the account and one directory names are the same.

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