How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac and Pair a Device -

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac and Pair a Device

In modern times, there’s hardly any device found which doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature in it. Talking about Mac, you can access Bluetooth and connect it with any of your other devices to transfer and receive data. In this post, we’ll help you know how to turn on Bluetooth on Mac and pair it with other devices. It’s simple, yet you must know the right process.

Bluetooth is found by default in your Mac computer. You can find it in the System Preferences. Follow the steps below to enable Bluetooth:

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Mac

  • Head to the Apple icon on the home screen (it lies in the top-left corner)
  • Click System Preferences
  • On the next screen, click Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth panel
  • On the left side, see the current status of your Bluetooth
  • Turn it on, if is showing the status

That’s all. Now, your Bluetooth is enabled and you can connect any device you want with it to exchange your files and folders.

We suggest ticking the box saying Show Bluetooth in menu bar. In this way, you won’t need to come on this screen to enable or disable Bluetooth again. You will find the Bluetooth icon at the top of your home screen.

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices with Mac

As your Bluetooth is turned on, you can pair any of your devices with the Mac. You need to use the discoverability or pairing mode for doing this.

Simply, turn on the Bluetooth of the device you want to connect with the Mac. The name of the device (set in its Bluetooth settings) will show up in the Bluetooth panel on your Mac.

An important thing is that you must have the device in close proximity to your Mac. Once the name shows up, click on Connect (showing next to the name of the device) to start the pairing process. Assuming it’s your first time to use Bluetooth on the Mac, you need to pair up the devices manually. Your computer might prompt a PIN that you need to use on the device you connect the Mac with.

That’s it. Your device is now connected.

In case, you don’t need the device in the future, right-click on the device name on the screen (the Bluetooth panel screen) and select Remove from the list.

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